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Personalized - Easy - Saves 10+ Hours

Ready for your New Last Name?

Namesake takes the guess work out of changing your last name. Each of our Namesake kits contains a personalized checklist, pre-filled documents, and step-by-step instructions based on your province, saving the average bride 10+ hours of research!


Namesake Covers:

✔ Canadian Passport
✔ Driver’s Licence
✔ Health Card
✔ Vehicle Permit & Insurance
✔ Personal Accounts Checklist
✔ SO Much More!


Why Brides Love Namesake

"Changing my last name after my wedding always seemed daunting, but Namesake made the process incredibly simple. This is the best newlywed gift for a friend—or yourself!”

—Katy F.

"The Namesake box was SUCH a time saver. I purchased the box and it was the best wedding gift I could ever have given myself. All the forms I needed to get the job done were included and the step-by-step instructions made the name changing process a breeze. I just knew I wasn’t going to mess anything up. THANK YOU!”

—June M.

"I have been dreading this process and Namesake made it a million times easier. All my old info and new info was already added. All I had to do was go through the booklet and follow the simple steps to complete the switch. And I did it all while enjoying a glass of champagne!"

—Kait R.

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