8 Steps on How To Change Your Last Name In BC, Canada

8 Steps on How To Change Your Last Name In BC, Canada

As a woman, there are good and bad aspects of getting married. Tying the knot with your partner for life allows you to be authentic and gives you a sense of relationship stability and security. At the same time, your partner can be a tremendous source of emotional support when things get rough.

However, tying the knot can have some downsides, such as having to take steps to change your last name. It can be stressful to find the essential documents and figure out what you need to do, especially if you recently tied the knot. At the same time, you must not use your married name until you finalize every essential paperwork. 

Fortunately, this article will discuss the steps on how to change your last name in British Columbia, Canada. 

  1. Get a Marriage License/Certificate 

It would be pointless to start the process without this essential piece of paper. Before any else, you must acquire a marriage license or certificate. 

Your marriage license is a legal document proving your marriage is a legal union. The groom, bride, officiant, and sometimes the witnesses must sign this vital paper. This legal document can also be helpful for banking, tax, or insurance purposes. 

  1. Change Your BC Care Card 

After receiving the marriage certificate, you must change your BC Care Card name. You don't have to call their office to do it, but you can contact them at 604-683-7151. 

You can visit their website and select "New MSP Account Change Request" to change your personal information. They'll require you to upload a photo of your marriage license.

While the online process is convenient, you'll have to wait seven to 14 days to see the update. Call the number above 24 to 48 hours after submitting your online request and ask them to speed up your request so you can book an appointment with ICBC. Prepare your reference number for this call; they'll accomplish your request in seconds and have your Care Card information available.

  1. Book an Appointment With ICBC 

After changing your Card Care name, you can set an appointment with the ICBC, where you'll change the name and address on your license. You can also book an online appointment at a Driver's Licensing Center.

You'll need to prepare the original copy of your marriage certificate, two government IDs, and money to pay for your new license. 

  1. Proceed to an Auto Insurance Place 

After receiving a temporary license from ICBC with your new married name and address, you can proceed to an Auto Insurance place to change your name on your car insurance. You must bring your temporary license, marriage license, and car insurance. 

  1. Update Your Name Elsewhere 

You can now consult your healthcare provider to update your name and address in their files. This process also applies to your job, gym, bank account(s), university, and social media accounts. 

You must also consider your emails, student loans, landlord, utility companies, cellphone company, store cards with your name, your will, RSP, online companies that directly send things to your home, and voicemail. 

  1. Contact the CRA 

After that, you must call the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to change your name, marital status, and address. You can call them at 604-959-8281 or visit their website. You'll also need to provide your SIN, the name and address they have on file for you and your birth. 

You'll also need to prepare your two latest tax returns to help them verify your identity. 

  1. Change Your Registered Name on Your SIN 

This step is a little tricky. Next, you must change your registered name on your Social Insurance Number (SIN). Technically, you can visit a Service Canada Office and accomplish this step in person with your old SIN, marriage certificate, and ID. You can also opt for an online application

At the same time, here's an excellent read to help you know when to change your information

You'll need pictures of your marriage certificate, birth certificate, temporary driver's license and care card, and a photo containing address evidence. 

  1. Apply for a New Passport

For this step, you'll need to wait until your new driver's license and care card arrive. 

Lastly, it's time to apply for a new passport. You'll need your birth certificate, two pieces of ID with your new name, two passport photos, your marriage certificate, a guarantor and two references from non-family members, and money to pay for the new passport. 

While you can apply online, you'll have to mail it after the application. 

Embracing a New Name

Changing your last name after marriage can be stressful because it involves a lot of paperwork, but it can be easier when you follow these eight steps. 

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